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Business to Business

For the management team of any growing business, it may become difficult to manage the activities at back-office. This is mostly because front-office activities are prioritised and are considered as a face of the business. We, as the UK based Back-office Management agency stepped in to take care of your human resource management and customer support service.

By outsourcing your back-office activities, your business will experience an increase of 34% employee productivity.

Show the Best Side of Your Business

It is the “Name” that Goes A Long Way

Today’s market strategy is to build products and services that are usable and needed by the people. It is easy to tag these products with a physical value, but what is more important is how your consumers perceive them. Their perception determines the value of your brand and products, in this competitive marketplace. You need a marketing strategy for building up a positive brand name, which will reap benefits for a long-term of business. We can help you with these online marketing strategies. As per research, 60% of buyers go digital for purchases. Their buying decision is influenced by

• Online information about the company which offers the products and services they intended to grab.

• Social discussions and online reviews about the business

This is where our UK based Online Reputation Management (ORM) services come into quick action. It is a deep process where the whole World Wide Web is being monitored for the information about the reputation of your brand. Any negativity is reported and sorted.

B2B- Data Management Services

Data is a major ingredient, for all your business functions; employee information management, keeping sales records, marketing survey recording, policy and regulations information management, etc.

Marketing department specifically needs different data points to workout with their strategies for the sales of business products and services. This data might come from various surveys, research reports, past experiences and studying market trends.

The process of data management at Global Web Consultant is sophisticated in terms methodology and it covers a broad spectrum of the various business domains. Here is what we can do for your data management needs:

  • Acquiring various business domain-specific data, such as about prospective customers’ behaviour, the change in trends, etc.
  • Validating the collected data from various sources, like online surveys, social media discussion, Q & A forums, etc.
  • Storing all data over large storage spaces in data warehouses and manage to keep it safe from errors and accidental deletion.
  • And whenever needed, processing of the data is initiated, to ensure its accessibility, reliability, and timeliness, for the reports and decision making.

  • Do you know?

    A poor-quality data could cost organizations as much as 10-20% of their revenue.

Transforming Back Office Efficiency

Back-Office Services in Human Resources Management and Customer Support Service

The client-facing front office needs work from the back-office functions, to represent your business. In these events, back-office works undercover, as an important support.

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