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Content’s Role In SEO To Increase ROI Rapidly in 2019


What role does content have to play in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Content and SEO, these two are very closely related despite to contrary belief. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) demands valid and useful content to be provided, which is done through content marketing.


Content marketing is the term generally denoted for the process of using high-quality and useful content for marketing and for advertising or promoting your business. Some of the examples of content marketing are as follows:
*Email Marketing
*Social Media Marketing
*Videos or slideshows

As a result content marketing helps to promote and market the content which can further be aided by SEO. SEO helps get your website noticed by various search engines and end up at the top in the search rankings. This will help more users or customers to discover your website and go through it, and further help gain new customers and keep the contemporary customers visiting your website over and over.

In order to do so, you’re required to use keywords in your content as keywords are an essential component of SEO. Use the keywords in your content which you aim to target at as they come up in search engines and link them to your website which is known as ‘linkbacks’ and you can only get them if your content is worth having linked back to.

What is ROI?

ROI is the term abbreviated for Return on Investment. In simple terms, it the benefit or the return you get back on the time, effort and money you invested. This further arises the question as to what the return on investment would be when it comes to Content Marketing. It also has to be kept in mind that the ROI will not increase within a matter of a few days but it will require time and a lot of consistent effort. As it will take you time to build up a large stock of content for the users to be interested enough in visiting and exploring your website.

How to Increase the ROI?

Being a content marketer you have to aim high and look into ways that will help you increase your ROI as it is the fruit you bear in return for your invested time, energy and money. Or else you would simply be wasting your effort and time and getting nothing in return. Some of the ways to increase your ROI is as follows:

Set Clear Goals which Cater to the Audiences Needs

You need to have attainable and realistically set goals which you are adamant towards achieving; this will also help you to access your progress and your performance after a certain period of time. Moreover, you need to have a specific aim or purpose which aligns with your audiences or customers’ needs. As a result, you will be able to target the content towards the right audience.

Create Innovative Content which is better than your Competitors

Your content must be targeted towards the audience who will find your content useful and should match their interests and needs. Furthermore, it needs to be unique and innovative so that it can stand out and be different and better to that of your competitors.

Provide Mobile-friendly and Evergreen content

You should also make sure that the platform on which your content is presented on is mobile-friendly. Nowadays, users are more likely to make searches on their phones rather than on computers or laptops. Furthermore, your content should be easy to preview or go through in one go and is relatable to the users. Having evergreen content means that it remains of use to the user over a period of time without you having to update is regularly and it remains as a source of traffic for a period of time. This can be done by being creative and adding FAQ’s, helping out manuals, product reviews.

Update your Content Frequently

Your website and its content needs to be updated and you have to remain consistent with it as this will increase SEO and trafficking and bring more awareness to your content hence increasing the engagement of your audience.

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