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Here is the list of few happening trends of E-commerce in 2018.

  • Having a simple model for the global supply chain

  • E-commerce with Artificial intelligence

  • Augmented Reality has risen above from being a fancy-concept

  • Increased Mobile Checkout and IoT

  • More Storefront Apps, more options for the consumer

Shopping is always fun. With the advance trends in the E-commerce area, it has now become convenient too. The big giants of E-commerce like Amazon as well as small upcoming companies are working with economic and technological support to bring out the best for their shoppers. They are doing it in their unique way too, which means, they will surely have their share of this flourishing market. In a poll, 57 percent of shoppers have purchased products from the retailer overseas, within the past six months. This statistic shows the change in confidence of the buyer and reach of the E-commerce businesses.

The trends for the E-commerce business have changed a lot, due to change in facilities, perspective and security features by the platform.

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