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Pay Per Click

  • Type of your business industry
  • Target audience
  • Target Market
  • Competitors strength
  • USP of your business

Google Adwords and Facebook are the most popular PPC campaign vendors.

For greater accessibility, our PPC plan will also provide access to Mobile and Gmail ads, for an extended audience reach. With our report sharing service over PPC activities, you can assess the ROI of this online marketing method, even in a short period of its execution.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns:

The internet marketing technique SEO, ORM, CRO are followed to bring traffic to your site organically; to support this effort, Pay Per Click or PPC is a paid method where your business would be advertised online by search engines and you will be charged for every click being made on the advertised link.

How Effective is PPC, for your business?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a digital advertising method. It focuses on showing text banners or snippet ads on various websites, called the publisher site. Just like other digital marketing method, search keywords form the basis of PPC too; the better the keyword, the higher is the priority of getting clicked by relevant users.The PPC vendors (Google, Facebook and alike) helps in getting your ads displayed on relevant publishers’ website and you (the advertiser) would agree to pay a set amount to the publisher each time the ad is clicked. The keywords for which PPC ad campaign can be designed depends upon the following aspects

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