Professionally Designed Web Pages, As Accepted on World Wide Web

Web 2.0 is called a social web, where webpages emphasizeuser-generated content and usability

Web 2.0

Our Web 2.0 specified website includes the following features:

  • Social networking sites and social media sites like Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Videos sharing sites like YouTube
  • Hosted Services
  • Web applications in form of SAAS (Software-As-A-Service)
  • Collaborative consumption platforms
  • Mashup applications

  • It is more than needed, for any business to have websites designed based on Web 2.0 specifications.

Web 2.0 – A Key to Invite More Website Visitors:

Along with the adequate website promotional measures, it is equally important to have a website that meets the latest design and usability norms. Web 2.0 provides such specifications for how the webpages are designed and used over the web. Our experts are well versed in designing Web 2.0 friendly websites along with providing enough scope for future adaptability.

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